We are very proud about INT/HR/LUX/NL/D(SSV/VDH) Champion Berner-Emmas Ebony Exception who has now got her certificate of a Danish Champion!


At the weekend we had been in Fribourg, Switzerland showing Ebbie and in Kirchhain, Germany showing Isaac and Inci. We are happy about the results:

Berner Emmas Ebony Exception
22/2/14: ex1, CAC, CACIB
23/2/14: ex1, CAC, Res.-CACIB

Berner-Emmas Inci Renanya
23/2/14: ex3

Berner-Emmas Isaac Renanya
23/2/14: vg

18-19/01/2014 Nyborg (DK)

Berner-Emmas Ebony Exception Ex1, CAC, BOS
Berner-Emmas Isaac Renanya vg4

19/1/14 Berner-Emmas Ebony Exception Ex3
Berner-Emmas Isaac Renanya Ex1

Int./HR/LUX/NL/D(VDH/SSV)-Ch. Berner-Emmas Ebony Exception has now fulfilled conditions for the titel of a danish champion!
Our thanks go to judges Christel Senn (Ch) and Günther Ehrenreich as well as Karin and family for their hospitality and to Alina for dogsitting.

11-12/01/2014 Nürnberg (Germany)

We are happy to restart showing after the busy last year. We did it with success in Nuremberg. 95 BMDs were registered. Our thanks go to judges Roth and Eberhard:

Berner-Emmas Ebony Exception Ex1, VDH-CAC, SSV-CAC, CACIB
Berner-Emmas Isaac Renanya Ex3
Berner-Emmas Inci Renanya Ex.

Some new pictures in the gallery.