Alpella Bernese Mountain Dog

We are proud owners of the kennel ALPELLA located at the “Bergisches Land”, a wonderful landscape near the towns Cologne and Düsseldorf in Germany. We had our first litter of the beautiful Bernese Mountain Dog in October 2013. Our bitches Pamuk von Gramont and Berner-Emmas Ebony Exception were purchased in 2010. Before acquiring them we searched some months intensely for dogs suitable for the show ring as well as family life. It is important to us to have not only beautiful but also healthy dogs. At a dog show we have met Karin and Erik, owners of the kennel “Berner-Emmas” being good friends of us today. Our Ebbie was born that day while Karin and Erik were returning to Denmark. We found our other bitch Pamuk (Turkish: cotton wool) in the German kennel “von Gramont”. We are very grateful to the breeders for entrusting us such wonderful dogs.

Pamuk and Ebbie, as well as their offsprings, are living in our house as part of our family and share our lives. They all are unique in their respective personalities - very different in temperament, habits and preferences. Perhaps the reason why they go together very easily and harmoniously. This is fortunately true for the rest of the pack: all dogs are very peaceful towards human beings and other dogs.

Ebbie and Pamuk were very successful in the show ring, so we showed them everywhere in Germany and later in many European countries. We met many friendly people and some of them are good friends today. Part of the success of our dogs is owed to our ring trainer Tanja Backes, dogcellent – thank you, Tanja! In addition, we train our dogs (focus: obedience) at a training site of our Club, Schweizer Sennenhund-Verein Deutschland (SSV).

We are very grateful to our friends Alina. Heike and Helmut as well as Anja and Bent. They helped us socializing our puppies and care for our dogs when we are not at home.