25./26.10.2014 EDS and National Show Brno

At the weekend we had been at the European Dog Show and a National Show in Brno, Czechia. At the first day (EDS) Ebbi got an excellent, but missed tightly a placement (5th out of 21). The second day (National Show) was even more successful and she got ex1, CAC, National Winner and BOS. Our thanks are extended to judges Ramsing & Ramsing! In addition, it was very nice to meet many foreign friends chatting about the most important things….

19.10.2014 Bundessiegerschau Dortmund

Here they are - results of Bundessiegerschau 2014

Berner-Emmas Ebony Exception (Walko v. Kleinholz x Berner-Emmas Annabella), Champion class ex1, VDH-CAC, SSV-CAC, CACIB, Bundessiegerin 2014!
Alpellas Aslan (Kronblommas Nabucco x Pamuk von Gramont), Junior class ex2, Vizebundesjugendsieger!
Berner-Emmas Isaac Renanya (Odysseus x Berner-Emmas Ebony Exception), Open Class ex2, Res.-VDH-CAC
Berner-Emmas Inci Renanya (Odysseus x Berner-Emmas Ebony Exception), Open Class ex

We are more than happy about these results! We are grateful to judges Güllix and Roth as well as the friendly ring stewards.

  • Berlin 2014
  • Berlin 2014
17.10.2014 CACIB Dortmund

Berner-Emmas Ebony Exception (Ebbie), Champion Class V1, VDH-CAC, SSV-CAC, CACIB
Berner-Emmas Inci Renanya (Inci), Open Class V4
Berner-Emmas Isaac Renanya (Isaac), Open Class V3
Alpellas Aslan, Youth Class sg

We are happy about these results. Thank you very much to judges Güllix and Dr. Hollensteiner as well as the friendly ring stewards.
And many thanks to Beate helping handling Isaac!

  • Berlin 2014
  • Berlin 2014
  • Berlin 2014
12.10.2014 Charleroi

Today we went to Charleroi, Belgium. There were many high quality berneses, so competition were very strong. Ebbie (Berner-Emmas Ebony Exception) managed to gain CAC and CACIB, what makes us very proud.

Thank’s to judge Mrs. Melchior.

In addition we are very happy to tell that today Ebbie fulfilled conditions for the BELGIUM CHAMPION!!!


Happy Birthday

Happy birthday to our A-litter - today they have their first birthday!

21.09.2014 Applerbeck

We visited one of the biggest (according to the number of Berneses) and most wettest  dog shows of the year here in Germany. Our dogs were quite successful and we are happy about the results:

Adam (Alpellas Aslan), ex4/21
Isaac (Berner-Emmas Isaac Renanya) ex1/15, VDH-CAC, SSV-CAC Res.
Inci (Berner-Emmas Inci Renanya) ex1/22, VDH-CAC

Many thanks to judges Gerhards and Schultheiß!